The college hostels are under the guidance and overall control of Joint Secretary MESCE. Prof CP Muhammad (Former HoD, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MESCE), who is an academician and administrator with having long experience of 45 years. Separate boys and girls hostel facility is provided to ensure that the students have a comfortable atmosphere for work and play, a home away from home. The Men’s Hostel (MH) with a capacity of 600 beds is situated outside the campus, about 500m from the main block, near the Civil and Architecture Departments. The Ladies Hostel (LH) with a capacity of 500 beds is situated within the main block campus.
The students are provided with shared rooms, which they share with their batchmates. The first years are provided with a separate block, with separate facilities for both MH and LH, to ensure their comfort and safety. Adequate common toilet facilities are provided at every floor.
The hostel opening and closing time for LH during weekdays is 6am and 6pm respectively and for MH it is 6am and 8pm respectively. During weekends, the students should take prior permission to move out of the hostels.
Zero tolerance to Ragging, Alcohol, smoking, drug and disciplinary Misconduct, these are strictly prohibited within the Campus.


The hostel is administered by a hierarchy of staff which is headed by Chief Warden. The administrative work is presided by Wardens and Matrons of the respective hostels, LH and MH. Further, resident faculty who acts as Deputy Wardens and Resident Tutors assists the Chief Warden in the supervision and maintenance of the hostel.
A Hostel Secretary/ Mess Secretary, who is nominated by the students, assist in the administration and conduct of the hostel. A Student representative from each department is also appointed to voice the concerns and needs of the students. This ensures an inclusive environment, where the concerns of the students are respected.

PositionNameContact Number
Chief Warden

Mr. Aneesh M Haneef, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE


Warden (MH)

Mr. Devadas C S

94460 00941

Deputy Warden (MH)

Mr. Shiras C M,Professor, Dept of Architecture

Mr. Shiyas H, Instructor, Dept of CSE

Mr. Mr. Ajmal O, Asst. Professor, Dept of Maths



Hostel Joint Secretary (MH)

Mr. Nihal, 3rd year Student, ECE

Hostel Secretary (MH)

Mr. Faseen, 4th year Student, CE

Warden (LH)

Ms. H. Nissa Beevi

99957 19658

Deputy Warden (LH)

Ms. Ashna O P. Asst. Professor, Maths

Ms. Shibina Sharaf S, Asst. Professor, CSE



Hostel Secretary (LH)

Ms. Pooja, 4th year Student, IT


Hostel Joint Secretary (LH)

Ms. Aaysha Shukoor, 3rd year Student, AIDS

Hostel Fee

Click below to pay the Hostel fee online or to download challan for bank payment.

Hostel Mess

Mess facility is provided for all the hostel inmates. One representative student is allotted mess in-charge duties in the hostel, to oversee its functioning. The menu includes breakfast (7.30 am to 9.00 am), lunch (12.00 pm to 1.30 pm), evening snacks (4.30 pm to 6.00 pm) and dinner (7pm to 8.30pm).
Monthly food costs are determined by taking a monthly physical inventory of food stock, evaluating the inventory, and dividing the final costs among the students, to ensure the minimum charges for mess (as per consumption). This is also approved by the mess in-charge. Mess ensures healthy and holistic diet (as per the menu provided by the students), and respects the vegetarian and non-vegetarian requirements.

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