1. The working hours are from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Students should on no account arrive late in the classroom.
  2. Classes will be held from Mondays to Fridays. However, classes may be arranged on Saturdays in order to compensate for lost working days.
  3. Eligibility conditions for taking end semester university examinations and stipulations regarding credit requirements as laid down by the university will be binding on all students.
  4. At all times, each student should maintain general discipline and decorum.
  5. Each student has to show respect to all faculty members, staff members and fellow students.
  6. Each student should help in maintaining the peaceful atmosphere in the campus and hostels.
  7. Student should not be involved in rioting, other destructive and political activities within the campus and hostels.
  8. Only those social and cultural programs sponsored by recognized student association and approved by the principal will be permitted in the campus.
  9. Activities by the student organizations supported and organized by political parties are banned in the campus and hostels.
  10. Studentship of those involved in such activities (as in f above) will be terminated; they will forfeit all money paid as advance and are liable for compensating the college for any damages incurred.
  11. Collection of money, charities, donations and distribution of leaflets, notice etc without the consent of principal is totally banned.
  12. Student's vehicles should be parked only in the parking area assigned in the college.
  13. During industrial visits, students should strictly comply with the instructions of the accompanying faculty members and regulations of the college authorities.



The administrators of an Institution should always be profound, impartial, motivating, and law abiding. Besides, the following qualities are expected from them. They have to

  • Figure out a policy and plan to execute the vision and mission.
  • Stimulate industry institution interaction.
  • Promote research development activities.
  • Enforce rules, policies and procedures put up by the college among staff and students.
  • Monitor, supervise and instruct the administration of the institution and take remedial measures / actions based on the stakeholder’s feedback.
  • Accomplish any other qualitative and quantitative work for the welfare of the institution.
  • Encourage the student’s ideas and support them if needed.
  • Impartial in disciplinary actions for all the members of faculty, non-teaching staff and students.
  • Empower all staff and students to reach their maximum capacity.
  • Exhibit outstanding and strong leadership skills.


Teaching is a noble profession. It shapes the personality, caliber and future of an individual. He /She can inspire, hope, ignite them and instill a love of learning among the students. Besides, the teachers have to

  • Uphold the honor and decorum of the teaching profession.
  • Demonstrate impartiality, integrity and ethical behavior in the classroom.
  • Ensure that teaching methods are fresh, relevant and comprehensive.
  • Treat every student with kindness, equality and respect.
  • Interact with the students in a friendly manner.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of the institution.
  • Foster healthy relationships with students.
  • Cooperate with fellow teachers, parents and administrators.
  • Be responsible and interact positively with parents and other stakeholders in educating the students.
  • Be good counselors and facilitators and there by ignite harmony in students.
  • Refrain from social networking sites such as Face book, Whatsapp, etc during the working hours.


The following traits are expected from the Non-teaching staff. He / She must

  • Maintain the dignity and decorum of college.
  • Be always available to students and staff members.
  • Discharge the duties efficiently and conform to rules and regulations of the college.
  • Transparent, responsible and unprejudiced to all.
  • Maintain an impeccable standard of integrity in all their professional relationships.
  • Encourage students and staff members for innovative works in the interest of college.
  • Must not intercept or misappropriate college money.
  • Must not be absent from duty without official approval.
  • Refrain from social networking sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp, etc during the working hours.

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