Staff Achievements

Date : 30-11-2017

Teaching Excellence Award -2017

Mr.Vasudevan T V and Mr. Nowshad C V, Assistant Professors in the department received the Teaching Excellence award from Prof. P O J Lebba, Secretary MESCE, for the excellent academic results produced in the subjects they taught.

NPTEL Active Spoc Certificate

Prof. Balachandran K P, Associate Professor, received the ‘Active Spoc Certificate from NPTEL, IIT Madras based on the Performance and Participation of candidates in the courses during January-April 2018 from MES NPTEL local chapter

Open Defence

Mr.Geevar C Zacharias, Assistant Professor , successfully defended the Open Defence and Public Viva-Voce of the Ph.D thesis on 14.11.2018 at Mahatma Gandhi University,Kottayam.