FIRST STEP - A workshop series exclusively for S1 B.Arch

Date : 24-08-2019

A workshop series was conducted exclusively for the students of S1 B.Arch, named, FIRST STEP. The workshop aimed to expose the students to allied arenas of architecture. This will enhance the abilities of the students to observe, analyze, create and comprehend various aspects of natural and built architecture.

A nature walk will inspire the students to seek solutions and expand their imagination while being grounded to earth. Their possibilities can soar through the skies and /or dig deep into the earth.

The project intends to observe, understand and analyze elements of narture. This will be documented and studied for later studio projects.

4 courses were conducted through two weeks. This included workshops on Origami, Photography, Brick Masonry and Mural Painting. All the workshops were integral to the syllabus of KTU, B.Arch.

The Origami workshop was conducted during a course of two days by Ar. Balu Joseph. He is also a visiting faculty in MES School of Architecture. Here, the students explored form finding through various possibilities of folded structures.

The Photography workshop was conducted by the eminent cinematographer and architect, Prashanth Mohan. He has worked with many distinguished directors. He empowered the students to explore and document architecture through the lens, while taking into consideration the principles of architecture.

The Brick Masonry workshop was conducted inhouse, by Ar. Shanik A. He is currently an assistant professor and also an alumnus of MES School of Architecture. His interests lie in materials and construction. Knowledge of masonry and field work is paramount for an architect and for the development of his abilities in construction. This was allowed in the workshop, where the students to delved into brick masonry and its techniques, through physical exercises and theories.

The Mural workshop was conducted by an artist, Sarath Lakshman. Though young, he is a proficient artist, owning many awards to his credits for his works. He led the students through the development of mural painting, thereby enabling the students to learn about the elements of design and its applications.

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