Research Publications 2015-2016

Date : 01-01-2016

International Conferences:

1. Najva, N., and K. Edet Bijoy. "SIFT and Tensor Based Object Detection and Classification in Videos Using Deep Neural Networks." Elsevier Procedia Computer Science 93 (2016): 351-358. (Science Direct)

2. Dinesh, Archana, and K. Edet Bijoy. "Computations on Cipher Speech for Secure Biometrics." Elsevier Procedia Computer Science 93 (2016): 774-781. (Science Direct).

3. Najva N., Edet Bijoy K., "SIFT and Tensor Based Object Classification in Images Using Deep Neural Networks", Proceedings of The International Conference on Information Science 2016 (ICIS 2016), IEEE

4. Shafna, C. H., and K. Edet Bijoy. "A New Approach to Video Coding Using 3D Directional Filter Bank." Elsevier Procedia Technology 24 (2016): 925-932. (Science Direct)

5.Mohamed Noushad, Mohamed Nawas C, Muhammed Juraij K, Edet Bijoy K, Anju Thomas, Ajmal, "HOSVD for Image Compression", Proceedings of the International Conference on Emerging Trends in Communication, Signal Processing and Machine Vision (ICECSM), Royal College of Engineering and Technology, Thrissur, Kerala, India, during 26-28 March 2015.