Date : 01-01-2017

Mrs.Nishada k and Mr.Jaseem N attented FDP on Smart grid on renewable energy sources at NSS college of Engg.Palakkad from 09/01/2017 to 14/01/2017

Mrs.Sajina M K ,Mrs.Nesihath M K and Mrs. Minu V S has attented FDP on research methodology ay Jyothi Engg college Thrissur from 11/01/2017 to 13/01/2017

Mrs.Minu .V.S and Mr.Jaseem attended FDP on “Teaching skills and classroom management” at MESCE from20/01/2017 to 21/01/2017

Mr.Anoop K, Assistant Professor, attended two day workshop on “Design & Engineering” organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering from 17/02/2017 to 18/02/2017

• Mr.Jaseem N participated in One day Workshop on “Training for KSEB Engineers in Solar Energy” at Trivandrum on 27/10/2017.
• Mr.Anoop participated in a Workshop on “Renewable Energy” conducted by ANERT at Trivandum on 17/08/2017
• Mrs.Jayasree N.R attended a one day seminar on ''Green Buildings" by Prof. V.K .Damodharan president, ECS, Kerala at Chalakkudy on 2nd July 2017
• Dr.Varadarajan, HOD, Research and Development conducted a meeting with faculty members for the discussion on Thrust Area, Identification and formulation of different groups on 10th July 2017
• Dr.N.Rajanbabu, HOD, EEE conducted a presentation on "Mentoring and Collaborative Learning" to all faculty members on 12th July 2017.
• Mrs.Sajina M.K, Mrs.Nesihath M.K, Mrs.Syama P S, Mrs.Minu V .S, Mr.Idirees Shafi, Mr.Anilkumar .V .P and Mrs.Bushaina. K attended three day Faculty Training Programme on "FABLAB” from 19th to 21st July 2017.
• Dr.Thasneem Fathima and Mr.Thanweer Gafoor attended a workshop on "Computational Neuroscience and Muscular Modeling" at NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad from 20th to 22nd July 2017.
• All Instructors of the Dept. attended a one day practical skill development Programme in the college auditorium on 29th July 2017.

Training Programs

Date : 01-01-2017

Dr. RajanBabu .N conducted a hands on training on Introduction to SCILAB for staff members of EEE Department.

Expert talk done by Dr.Rajanbabu n, HOD EEE, on “Introduction to Non-linear Dynamics and Chaos”, at college of Engineering, Poonjar, Kottayam

Mr.Thanweer Gafoor and Mr.Labeeb M attended a training of 3 days as apart of ASAP at Trivandrum

Mr. Anoop K and Mrs. Sajina M K attended discussion meet on RIEF – ANERT at Thiruvananthapuram.

Mrs. Priya N attended Research Colloquium organized by NITC .

Dr. Thasneem Fathima handled a session on MATLAB for Biomedical Applications in one day workshop on Biomedical Signal Analysis organized by IEEE at GCE Wayanad.

Dr.Nafeesa K and Mrs.Sajina M K attended Career focus meeting

Mr.Labeeb M, Mr. Jaseem N & Mr. Amjed M attended two day workshop on training of trainers for KSEB, AE, Sub Engineers, for Solar Installation and Commissioning conducted by ANERT at Ernakulam

06/12/2017 - 07/12/2017
Dr. Rajan Babu .N conducted a hands on training on “Introduction to SCILAB”in FDP on “Control Systems: Theory and Applications” organized at GEC Trissur

Mr. John Paul, Asst.Prof. ME Dept. handled a section on “Design Engineering” for all staff members.

Dr.Nafeesa K and Mr.Anoop K presented the ‘ Renewable energy utilization of our College’ , before the review panel of Kerala State Renewable Energy Award -2017 at ANERT head office, Trivandrum

Dr.N.Rajanbabu delivered a talk on ‘System Modelling’ Algebra’ in the FDP on ‘Mathematics for Communication and signal processing ‘ organized by ECE Department of MESCE

Dr.Thasneem fathima N K handled a session on “Wavelet Transform” in the FDP on ‘Mathematics for Communication and signal processing ‘ organized by ECE Department of MESCE

Dr.Shyma Muhamed, Dr.Maya G, Dr.Thasneem Fathima N K, Mrs.Priya N, Mrs.Renuka T K, Mrs.Nishada K, Mr.Thanweer G,and Mr.Jaseem N attended a workshop on FABLAB

Mr.Labeeb M has been engaged as faculty for the “Two day Training Programme on Grid Connected Solar PV Power Plant “ for AXE/ AE/ SE at Regional Power Training Institute, KSEB Ltd, Kozhikode


Date : 03-01-2017

Dr. RajanBabu .N was joined as Professor and HOD in EEE Department.

Mr. Shihabudheen K V rejoined in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department after completing PhD from IIT, Roorkee.

Staff Activity

Date : 14-02-2018

Dr.Nafeesa K- Chaired two sessions on International Conference on Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology (ICASET 2017 ) at Royal College of Engineering and Technology Thrissur

Dr.Maya.G performed duty as KTU observer at Nehru College of Engineering and Research Centre Pampady.

Dr. Rajan Babu, HOD,EEE has conducted Course Viva-Voce of IC Department at NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad

Dr. Nafeesa.K participated in press conference for the pro gramme “CAREER FOCUS 2017” at Malappuram. Press club

Dr. Nafeesa.K conducted “CAREER FOCUS 2017”coordinators meeting.
Mrs. Sajina M.K , Dept. coordinator attended the meeting.

Dr. Nafeesa.K conducted S8 Viva -Voce at AWH Engineering college Kozhikkode

Dr.Rajan Babu N, Dr.Shyma Muhammed, Dr.Thasneem Fathima N.K, Mrs. Priya N, Mr.Karthick V and Mrs.Roshin R conducted M.Tech valuation at GEC, Calicut

MES journal meeting conducted by Dr. Thasneem Fathima.Dr.Rajan Babu.N HOD EEE, Dr.Shyma Muhammed, Dr.Maya .N,Dr. Nafeesa.K attended the meeting.

• WIE IEEESB MESCE under the guidance of Dr.Maya G Conducted a Computer Awareness programme for Women in Kudumbasree Wise 2.0 on 25/10/2017

Mr.Jaseem N participated in M.Tech Question Paper Evaluation meeting held at GEC, Calicut

HOD and other faculty members scrutinized the M.Tech Question papers for MEA College of Engineering and Veda Vyasa Institute of Technology

Mr. Amjed.M performed as KTU observer at MEA Engineering College, Perinthalmanna

06/12/2017 - 07/12/2017
Dr. Rajan Babu .N handled a session on “Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos” in FDP on “Control Systems: Theory and Applications” organized at GEC Trissur

Mrs. Minu V.S. performed as KTU observer at MEA Engineering College, Perinthalmanna

Dr.Shyma Muhammed, Dr.Thasneem Fathima N.K, Mr. Priya N and Mr.Jaseem N attended the M.Tech Valuation at GEC, Kozhikode


Date : 20-02-2018

• Dr.Nafeesa K, Mrs.Preetha R, Mr.Thanweer Gafoor received certificates for Teachers excellence Award 2017 on 27/10/2017

Dr. Nafeesa K, Mr.Anoop K and Mrs.Nesihath M K successfully completed the NPTEL Online certification course on ‘Design of Photo Voltaic System’ conducted by Prof.L.Umanand, IISC, Bangalore
Dr. Nafeesa K placed Top 5% in this course


Date : 20-02-2018

Mr.Anoop. K presented a paper “A Novel Maximum power point tracking method based on particle swarm optimization combined with one cycle control”, at PICC-2018 held at GEC, Thrissur

Attended workshop

Date : 04-08-2018

Mr. Jaseem N attended workshop on Power system Lab held at UKF college of Engineering & Technology,Kollam during 3rd to 4th August 2018

Attended Training program

Date : 06-09-2018

Mr. Jaseem N attended Training for trainers held at Centre for management and development & ANERT during 5th to 6th September 2018.

Handled a sessionin workshop

Date : 29-09-2018

Dr. N Rajanbabu handled a session on Introduction to Non-linear Dynamics and Chaos in the workshop on Non Linear Dynamics and Chaos conducted by Department of Instrumentation and Control at NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad on 29th September 2018

Attended NBA program

Date : 27-10-2018

Dr. N Rajanbabu attended the interaction of NBA team with the stake holders of NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad in the capacity of the Alumnus of the college on 27th October 2018