Research Publications

Date : 19-06-2018

Abdul Jaleel E and Aparna K, “Identification of heat-integrated distillation column using hybrid support vector regression and particle swarm optimization", Chemical Industry & Chemical Engineering Quarterly, (Article in press).

Abdul Jaleel E and Aparna K, “Identification of realistic distillation column using hybrid particle swarm optimization and NARX based artificial neural network", J. of Evolving System, pp.1-18, (2018).

Abdul Jaleel E. and Aparna K., “Identification of realistic distillation column using NARX based hybrid artificial neural network and artificial bee colony algorithm", J. of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, vol.34, no.4,pp.2075-2086 (2018).

Rohith G and Sinha N K, “A Robustness Enhanced Sliding Mode Controller Design for Aircraft Under Multiple Actuator Impairments”, Advances in Control and Optimization of Dynamic Systems, Hyderabad (2018).

Rohith G and Sinha N K, “Quasi-periodic dynamics of a high angle of attack aircraft,” American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1798. No. 1. (2017).

Ashok Aravindan and Anzar S M, “Robust partial fingerprint recognition using wavelet SIFT descriptors”, Int. J. of Pattern Analysis and Applications, Springer, London , pp 1-17 (2017).

Kaushal Kumar Bhagat, N.P. Subheesh, Bani Bhattacharya, Chun-Yen Chang, "The Design and Development of Identification of Students' Misconceptions in Individualized Learning Environment (iSMILE) System", EURASIA J. of Math., Sci Tech. Ed; Vol. 13(1), pp19–34 (2017).

Invited Talks

Date : 20-06-2018

09/06/2018. Dr. Mohamed Bedeeuzzaman delivered a talk on "Engineering: As a field of study , As a career option", at Career Focus 2018 orientation Program organized by MESCE at Ansar English School Perumbilavu.

12/05/2018. Dr. Mohamed Bedeeuzzaman delivered a session on "Engineering Curriculum: An overview"at "Roadmap to Success in Engineering Studies 2018" Organized by IEEE Malabar Subsection in association with Regional Science Centre and Planetarium Calicut at Regional Science Centre and Planetarium, Calicut.

03/05/2018. Dr. Mohamed Bedeeuzzaman presented a session on "Towards a Global Standing" at FDP organized by Al Jamia al Islamiya Santhapuram.

21/03/2018. Dr. Anzar S M delivered the Keynote Address on "Issues and Possibilities with Biometrics" at '2nd National Conference on Advances in Informatics and Computing Technologies (AICT’18)', organised by College of Engineering Perumon.

07/03/2018. Dr. Mohamed Bedeeuzzaman delivered a session on "Higher Education Opportunities: Engineering and Research", at Education outreach Programme at AKNM Govt. Polytechnic College, Tirurangadi organised by IEEE MES Chapter.

22/02/2018. Dr. Mohamed Bedeeuzzaman offered an expert talk on ‘Signal Processing for Biomedical Application’, for final year and prefinal year students of EEE Department, MESCE.

15/02/2018. Dr. Mohamed Bedeeuzzaman delivered a talk on "Research in Academic Institutions" at FDP on ‘Teaching-Learning Skill Development’, hosted by MESCE Training Academy.

12/01/2018. Dr. Anzar S M handled asession on “Transforms for Signal Processing" at FDP on “Mathematics for Signal Processing" at MESCE, organised by the Dept. of ECE