FDP on Signal Processing for Biomedical Applications

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Date : 01-02-2016

The department of AEI organized a Faculty Development Programme on Signal Processing for Biomedical Applications from Nov 16 to 21, 2015. The report of the programme can be downloaded.

AI 14 808(P) VIVA VOCE

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Date : 13-06-2018

EXAM ON 28/06/2018 TO 29/06/2018.

Admissions 2018

Date : 20-06-2018

The admission for B.Tech in AEI Course for the current year is in progress and will continue till July 2018.
A few more management seats are available for allotment.

Diploma holders with good academic record can secure admission to the second year of B.Tech Degree course through Lateral Entry Scheme.

For further details contact:

Dr. Mohammed B. Zaman : +91 8281438905 (Head Of the Department)
Dr. Anzar S M : +91 9447244119 (Associate Professor, Dept of AEI)
Prof. Hyder Ali : +91 9895082512, +91 7594090002 (HOD MCA)
Prof. Mohammed Sajeer K : +91 9745665444 (Dept. of Physics)