80.96kWp Grid Connected Solar Power Plant at MESCE Campus

Date : 01-01-2015

The 80.96kWp Solar Power Plant has been installed at MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram on 14th December 2013 under Electrical Consultancy Cell, under the expertise of Dr. K.M. Moideen Kutty, Professor and Head, EEE Department and Mr. Ismail E.K., Assistant Professor of EEE. The solar photovoltaic modules for its capacity are mounted on the roof top of both Electrical & Electronics and Computer Science Department Blocks. It consists of 80.96kWp Solar Photovoltaic Modules of Radiant make and SMA make Grid Connected Inverter with built in Maximum Power Point Tracker. The plant is designed for 340 Units per day or average annual energy generation of 1,24,082 kWh/annum. According to the approximate calculation of payback period, it may return on investment within 8 years.This system can also feed the power back to the Grid when the internal requirement is less than the generated power. Now, we have provided the advanced system of Net metering for Import and export measurement for co-generation and boundary metering.


Date : 01-01-2017

EEE Department in association with CREE of MES College of Engineering Kuttippuram is conducting suryamitra skill development program of NISE sponsored by MNRE and supported by the Nodal agency ANERT. The first batch of suryamitra skill development program started on 10.11.2016 has been successfully completed on 10.02.2017 including the external assessment. Out of the 30 students, 23 students received placement offers and one became an entrepreneur in this field.
There is ample potential for skilled technicians in the solar energy sector and there are lot of applicants for this well designed suryamitra solar PV Technician course. We have also created infrastructure facilities and maintains good liaison with Nodal agency, ANERT.

Suryamitra valedictory function attended by Er.Suresh Kumar M.G. Er.Joseph George (Program Officer ANERT), Dr.V.H Abdul Salam (Principal), Dr.K p Mohammed (Director), Dr.Mohamed Bedeeuzaman (Vice-Principal), Dr.Rajanbabu N (HOD, EEE)

A group of 30 students and 2 faculty members from Perinthalmanna visited our Solar Plant. Mr. Ajay, EEE Dept. described the working of the plant.

Dr.Nikhil P G, Senior Research Scientist, NISE, New Delhi, handled as session on Suryamitra Inauguration

Second batch of Surya mitra course started successfully with Aadhaar Enabled biometric punching system

Mr. Idirees Shafi A and Mr. Ajay V accompanied Suryamitra students for an Industrial Visit to 2 MW Solar Power Plant at Kuzhalmandam Solar Power Plant, Palakkad

Mr. Idirees Shafi A and Mr. Ajay V accompanied Suryamitra students for an Industrial Visit to Kuttippuram Substation, 500KW Solar Power Plant


Date : 01-01-2017

Second batch of ASAP Class was started . Mr. Thanweer Gafoor was appointed as the coordinator.


Date : 01-03-2018