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"Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) is characterized by a diversity of fields encompassing areas of research, design, development and operation of electrical systems. This includes Electronics, Power Generation Systems & Distribution, Computer Systems, Internet hardware, Bio medical Engineering, Space Exploration Systems and many more."

Technical areas within the EEE discipline include Electro magnetics, Electronics, Power Systems, Control Systems, Instrumentation Systems, Digital systems, Power Electronics, Signal processing and Communications. Involvement of Electrical Engineers stretch from designing , implementing , maintaining and improving motors to radars. The course provides an excellent platform for imparting knowledge in the latest technology resorting to computer based education in a software environment. With ever increasing demand for energy and newer areas of energy production, the course provides ample opportunities for employment.

Established in 1999 with an intake of 40 students, the undergraduate program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, MESCE is currently having an intake of 60 students. The program also entertains a lateral entry for diploma holders as per AICTE norms in the third semester. In addition to this regular course, department endeavors to conduct various short-term and training programmes.

The Department has well equipped laboratories and computing facilities, with latest technology and syllabus requirements. The department faculty rooms and the laboratories are connected by the institute LAN linking with all other departments and the Internet world outside.

Well qualified faculty and skilled supporting staff are the strengths of the department.